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Richardson Lock And Keys Richardson, TX 972-512-6328Did you know that in over 40 percent of all home robberies the point of entry is the front door? This statistic is just an indicator of how badly many home owners fail at securing their property against intruders – seeing as we’re talking about the primary entryway that should ideally be the hardest point for thieves to crack but has instead become the entryway of choice for them. Richardson Lock And Keys is a professional locksmith in Richardson, TX area that you can turn to if you want heightened security at your home or business property. We can set you up with high-security locks that are very resistant to external manipulation and have impossible-to-duplicate keys. Aside from acting as security experts, you can contact us for lightning-quick assistance whenever you have a regular lock-related problem or request. We can repair your locking systems, make you new keys and handle lock outs. We are you’re a one-stop source for home, automotive, and business locksmithing needs.

All In-Inclusive Key Cutting Services

We can copy keys for your home, business, your vehicle, or for items inside your property. Some of the most popular kind of keys we are asked to cut include:

  • Transponder car keys: You don’t have to call your car dealer if you need replacement smart car keys. We can program new ones for you affordably.
  • Car keys with remotes: Do you need new car keys with a remote attached to it? Or, perhaps, you need a new remote for your old key? We can supply you with both.
  • Standard car keys: Looking for a service that can copy ordinary car keys (for old models)? Call us!
  • Keys for regular mechanical locks: We can also make you new keys for all popular mechanical lock types.

Locked Out of Your Home, Car, or Commercial Property? Not Anymore!

Being locked out of your property might leave you panicked or frustrated, especially if you’re on a tight schedule. We have the experience and the tools to handle lockouts quickly and easily, though. We can:

  • Open home, car, and business doors: We can get most doors open without too much trouble, even if you have a state-of-the-art alarm system that’s getting in the way. We cause zero damage to your property, if we can at all help it.
  • Unlock locked car trunks: Did your trunk jam shut, get bent out of shape, or did you lose the key to its lock? We can open your trunk for you with the help of our tools. We will also rekey or replace the lock on it.
  • Open safes: Some of our clients forget the combination to their safe. If you want your safe open without damage being caused to the contents inside it, you can contact us.
  • Open file cabinets: Want your file cabinets opened quickly? We can do it for you. We also replace or rekey file cabinet lock.

We Make Your Property Secure by Installing High-Security Locks:

There are three main grades of locks:

  • Grade 1: Grade 1 locks – both residential and commercial - provide a maximum level of protection from external threats. These locks are very highly resistant to forced entry and should ideally be installed on front door and other exterior-facing locations (like garage doors).
  • Grade 2: Grade 2 variants are not as secure as the Grade 1 ones, but they can still take a beating. We recommend you use these locks inside your property. They are less expensive than Grade 1 locks.
  • Grade 3:These can be used inside your home or business property for securing low-risk items or areas. These types of locks are generally very cheap.

We provide both electronic and mechanical versions. Electronic locks, if you’re worried about their effectiveness, provide as much safety as mechanical ones, but they are usually the more expensive option. We source our products from well-known, reputed names like Kwikset, Falcon, Mul-T-Lock, and Schlage.

Rekey for Better Access Control

Have you had a falling out with an employee, spouse, tenant, or anyone else that has access to your property? Or, perhaps, did you lose your keys? We recommend you go for our re-keying service in all these cases. We can:

  • Re-key locks individually:We can make your old keys obsolete by replacing the inner mechanism of your locking systems individually, so that they will work with a new set of keys.
  • Make you a master key system: Do you want to be able to open all the doors on your home or business property with a single master key? We can convert your existing locks into a master key system, if they support the procedure.

Having Trouble Choosing the Lock? Consult With Us Free!

There are so many kinds of locks in the market that it’s a big challenge to pick the right one for your home or commercial buildings. We offer free consultations for home and business owners – our locksmiths can survey your property, once you contact us, and generate a list of recommendations on the kind of locks that would best suit your unique building. We have consulted for countless clients over the years – you can rely on us to choose the best security setup for you, so you can sleep better at night knowing your family and possessions are safe from external threats.

Richardson Lock And Keys has been in business in Richardson, TX for close to a decade. Our service is very popular with the community and we are known as a dependable, reliable locksmith that residents can contact during times of lock-related trouble. We endeavor to provide a high level of workmanship for our customers and we only carry the best products in the market. Our team is well-trained, polite, and professional. We aren’t in this to make a quick buck. Instead, we want to exceed our customer’s expectations and build a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with them. You can rely on our service to be there when you need it the most; we are available all day, every day (including major holidays) and we don’t charge extra for emergency services.

Why Pick Richardson Lock And Keys to Be Your Go-To Locksmith?

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service: Our service is available round the clock. You can call us in the afternoon or the middle of the night, and we’ll respond just as quickly.
  • Mobile Locksmith: Our mobile vans can reach all areas of Richardson, TX in a short span of time. We can reach most popular destinations in a matter of minutes.
  • Experienced team: We employ knowledgeable, experienced professionals that have little trouble dealing with requests on-site.
  • Easy On Your Wallet:Our services are priced very affordably and we have locks for budgets big and small. We won’t overcharge you during emergencies or if you need night work done.

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